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Coin Counter/ Packager and Dispenser

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  • MaterialMetal


  • South Korea South Korea

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Coin Counter/ Packager and Dispenser


High Speed, High Quality, High Satisfaction!

The KEC-1A Coin Counter/Dispenser is a high quality, high speed machine capable of dispensing and counting large volumes with ease. Fast, quiet and accurate, the KEC-1A Dispenser comes with a separate Customer Verification display and its own Remote Keypad features all at an extremely affordable price. Designed for coin clearance and cashiering. The software is extremely user friendly.


  • Rugged, compact CE qualified construction
  • Comes complete with remote keypad and a customer Display(verification meter)
  • Stainless Steel Hopper built to last the distance
  • Large 3,500 coin Hopper capacity
  • Functional robust design at a very affordable cost
  • Hi-tech electronic sensing for accurate counting
  • Automatic coin feeding by built-in conveyor system
  • Can preselect batch amounts up to 9,999
  • Low noise design for quiet, smooth dispensing
  • Easy one-touch release button for removing jammed coins or foreign objects
  • LCD operators display
  • Weight: 27 Kg
  • Size: W 255mm D 570mm H 365mm


  • High speed counting.
  • High-tech electronic sensing for accurate counting.
  • Rugged metal design with stainless steel hopper
  • .
  • Automatic coin feeding system with built in conveyor.
  • Low noise design for quiet operation.
  • Upgrade available for any coin or token.
  • Batch counting and automatic stop at any preset figure.
  • Simple and effective denomination change.
  • One touch release button mechanism for jammed wrong or foreign coins.
  • Automatically rejects unspecified coins into side off-sort slot.


  1. Counting Speed : 3000 coins per minute
  2. Hopper Capacity: 3500 coins.
  3. Batch figure : 1 - 9999
  4. Display : FND
  5. Dimensions. : W255 X D570 X H365 mm
  6. Weight : 25 Kgs.
  7. Power : 120v/60Hz - 240v/50Hz
  8. Options. : Extended hopper, Main chute small bag adapter.


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Coin Counter- Packager and Dispenser