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High Performance Coin Sorter.

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High Performance Coin Sorter Model :CSC-800

* Horizontal belt driven sorting system.

* Automatic coin feed system with a capacity of approx. 3,000 coins.

* Batch counting of all six denominations exactly at the desired quantity.

* Any number of coins can be pre-set as a batch when counting into bags.

* Sorting, counting and accumulating 6 denominations at a speed of 1,800 - 2,100 coins/minute.

* Displays number of pieces for each denomination and its counted value.

* Machine stops when no coins is left for sorting.

* Automatic motor shut-off when the conveyor belt is lifted or foreign object is on the sensor.

* The integrated printer gives you sub-totals and grand totals. * Preserves memory data against power failure.

* Self-diagnostic fuction to check up a sensor problem.

* RS-232 interface can be provided to permit connection to external systems.