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Coin Sorter/Counter with Full Options.

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Coin Sorter/Counter with Full Options.


Counting & Sorting Speed
Up to 650 mixed coins / Min. depending on coin size.
Hopper Capacity.
650 coins, up to 3,000 coins (with Extended Hopper)
Counting & Sorting
Up to 9 denomination coins (= 8 separate drawers and
one drawer for foreign coin rejection.)
Countable Coin Size
14mm - 34mm
Counting method
By an electro-magnetic sensor for fast and accurate
counting, along with automatic rejection of foreign and
damaged coins. And continuous batch counting till machine stop.
Sorting method

Combined a electronic and mechanical sorting
( by diameter and thickness)

Operating Voltage
90-120 / 200-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
50 Watt
Communication Port
RS-232 interface as standard
LCD Display
4 lines, each 20 characters per line
Displays total, counting number, the value of each coin and counting total, rejected coin numbers and so on.
Simple push button controls for ease operation.
Memory battery back-up.
And the machine can be set according to the coins by keypad manually.
Mode & Function.
Counting, Sorting, Batch preset counting, Automatic foreign
coin rejection. Operator's number and till number input,
Date and time functions.
Optional Accessories
Printer, Extended hopper (Driven and non-driven type),
Bagging attachment, Stand and Remote Display.
(for 9 drawers)
700 W X 300 D X 460 H mm (or, 582 H with extended hopper)
Approx. 30 Kg


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